Western Canada Samoyed Club

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We are excited to invite you to become a member of the new Western Canada Samoyed Club. In this flyer we hope to provide you with a brief summary as well as a quick look at the benefits of joining our new club.

The creation of the Western Canada Samoyed Club was fueled by our admiration of the incredible versatility the Samoyed displays. We also wanted to be part of a group that could get together for fun as well as competitive events and we have a strong desire to see the Samoyed’s working attributes promoted. We sincerely hope that our excitement in this new club will be passed on to you so please take a moment to review this information.

We, as the club’s founders, have come together as a small group of Samoyed enthusiasts with a passion for the versatility of the Samoyed breed. Our desire is to see a club that demonstrates this versatility from the beauty demonstrated in the show ring to the bountiful vigor when working. Our hope is that through the club activities we will see the growth of the bond shared between a Samoyed and his human family.

In order to ensure a fun and cooperative environment and the continued vision of the club’s founders, we have put a number of mechanisms into place. We trust that the foundation we have established coupled with an excited, passionate and involved membership will result in a synergy leading to opportunities for activities, sharing, teaching, growing, learning, socializing, bragging a little and having credit shown for exceptional achievement in a member’s venue of choice.

Our new club’s region extends from the west coast to the prairies including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This club is for those who share our passion for the unique and seemingly endless abilities of the Samoyed breed from the show-goers to the working enthusiasts to the Samoyed fanciers that just want to enjoy the company and friendship of their wonderful Samoyed!

You will need to be sponsored by 1 charter member and 1 regular member so have those names available before filling out application..


 The Regular Member:

To become a regular member you must be an associate member for at least one year, you must own a Samoyed and you must live within the club’s region of operation. We wish to see all those who are members of the club involved so that everyone can benefit from an active, connected and cohesive membership. As such we ask that individuals renewing their membership provide a brief summary of their involvement in the club during their previous year of membership.

The Junior Member:

Our desire is to provide an opportunity for anyone to join as well as to see all the members of a family involved. As such we have created a Junior Member classification with a discounted annual fee. A Junior Member does not need to own a Samoyed and will have access to the club newsletter. The only restrictions placed on a junior member are that they do not have voting privileges and they must live in the WCSC region.

The Associate Member:

An associate member includes those who do not own a Samoyed, live outside of the WCSC region and have never been part of the club before. They do not have voting rights but have access to the club newsletter.

If you are interested in hearing more before you make a decision, please Fill out the application.